Cadaver Anatomy $150-$325

Cranial Sacral Therapy $350

Cadaver Anatomy $150-$325


Cadaver Anatomy Lab 

All classes are held in at the Geisel School of Medicine in Hanover, NH. Available classes offered are:

Anatomy Overview: Upper Body

Anatomy Overview: Lower Body

Specific Regional: Shoulder Complex

Specific Regional: Hip & Pelvis

And more to come!

Classes are limited to 12 participants. Prerequisite includes previous knowledge of human anatomy.

Functional Anatomy $125

Cranial Sacral Therapy $350

Cadaver Anatomy $150-$325


Functional Anatomy 4 CE's

Take an in-depth look at different regions of the body. A lecture and hands on class consisting of evaluation and palpation.

Hip & Pelvis 

Shoulder and Upper Extremities

Neck and Back

Knee, Foot and Ankle

Cranial Sacral Therapy $350

Cranial Sacral Therapy $350

Cranial Sacral Therapy $350


Cranial Sacral Basics 12 CE's 

This introductory cranial course is based on the work of William G. Sutherland, DO and other early Osteopaths and will cover the history, theory, and anatomy of the cranial sacral system. This is a hands on class and will focus on palpation of anatomy and how to integrate cranial work into your present practice.
This class qualifies for 12 CE's  and is held over 2 days.  

Positional Release $175

Visceral Manipulation $175

Cranial Sacral Therapy $350


Introduction to Positional Release Therapy 6 CE's 

This course will introduce you to Positional Release;  a different approach when treating tender points in muscles. We will target common areas such as the neck, shoulder, back and pelvis and learn how to incorporate this technique into a massage session.

Approved CE's

Visceral Manipulation $175

Visceral Manipulation $175


Continuing Education Hours

NCBMTB Approved Provider #768

Anatomy Classes approved by NH Allied Health PT/OT and Chiropractic Board 

Visceral Manipulation $175

Visceral Manipulation $175

Visceral Manipulation $175


Treating Back Pain with Visceral Manipulation  6 CE's  
          Visceral manipulation has its roots in many aspects of manual therapies. This introductory course is based on American and European osteopathic visceral work. The focus will be on anatomy, theory and palpation. You will learn hands on techniques that you can immediately take into your practice. 



Cranial Sacral Basics

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June 13 & 14, 2020

Center Sandwich, NH


12 CE's